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About Us



DeEllen is an Artist, Reiki Master, Thetahealer, Spiritual Teacher, Ordained Minister and Psychic Reader. She teaches workshops  on Crystal Healing, Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Paranormal Investigation, and Meditation/Self Hypnosis. 

How We Got Started

The Crystal Crossroads started as a small business idea to combine what I love to do (craft) with what I have to do (work). I love meeting new people and talking about all the things we have in common.

Another hobby of mine is collecting rocks! I love how they look and feel and use different crystals throughout my home and office. I am always learning about the different minerals and I love to talk 'rock'... Currently we have up to 6 tumbler barrels going at once, smoothing and polishing our stones, pounds at a time.

The tumble stones you will find for sale on my site are almost always at least 1" or larger. Should a stone be smaller than 1" it will be noted in the description. I hand select my stones and inspect them for cracks and chips prior to tumbling and polishing and all the "rejected" stones are re-purposed into other projects such as making chips for jewelry and home decor.