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Upcoming Events


Saturday 12/7/19 1-4pm~ Tarot with Conni

Conni answers questions about interpersonal relationships, assistance with life choices, and career and finances in an entertaining and relaxed manner. $25/25 minutes. 

Saturday 12/14/19 1-4pm~ Sacred Journey Readings with Ash

Archetypes are at play in our lives everyday. They show what we are working on, where we are stuck, and what we can do to move forward. We are all on a journey, but we can navigate it far more easily with insights for clarity.

15-minute session is $25.

Saturday 12/28/19 11-1pm~ Reiki with Jane of Awen Reiki

Reiki supports other healing modalities, by reducing stress, pain, side effects from medication and recovery from surgery. If you’ve ever been curious about energy healing, now is your chance to experience a Reiki mini session with Jane for just $10.

Saturday 12/28/19 1-4pm~ Medium Readings with Clairvoyant, Linda ~

Linda communicates with passed loved ones, angels, and spirits through mediumship and the tarot.$25 per 25 minute session.

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