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Upcoming Events


Saturday 2/1/20 12-3pm~ Tarot with Conni

Conni answers questions about interpersonal relationships, assistance with life choices, and career and finances in an entertaining and relaxed manner. $25/30 minutes. 

Saturday 2/8/20 12-2pm~ Resin Art Workshop with Everything AJ’s

Valentines Workshop Kit includes: (3)Quartz Crystals; $5 Shop credit (at event); (1) 9” Round wood base; Pigmentations & glitters in a variety of colors; Full, hands-on instruction; DIY fun with no clean up! $50

Saturday 2/8/20 3-4pm~ Getting to Know the Angels/Meet Your Guardian Angel 

Learn the history of angels. Explore different types of angels, of all faiths, from around the world. Understand angel hierarchy and their roles. This workshop is concluded with a “Meet your Guardian” angel meditation. $25

Saturday 2/15/20 3-4pm~ Connect With Your Higher Self/Find Your Soul Purpose

This workshop is an introduction to your higher self and the roll it plays in your life. You will learn to connect with your higher self through various techniques such as meditation. $25

Sunday 2/16/20 6-8pm~ Reiki Share

Whether you're new to energy healing or a seasoned master, please join us for Reiki Share. All skill levels welcome.

Saturday 2/22/20 3-4pm~ How to Connect and Work with the Archangels

In this workshop you will explore the archangels and the individual roles they play in your life. Learn how you can work together with the archangels for a complete and balanced life. $25

Saturday 2/29/20 3-4pm~ The Akashic Records

Discover how the akashic records make you who you are. Learn the skills to cleanse past life trauma through meditation and awareness. $25

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