Filling your Home with Positive Energy

~Turn on a Himalayan Salt Lamp
Salt lamps attract humidity and when heated with an incandescent bulb, it accelerates evaporation, which produces negative ions which combats air pollutants. The light produced by the lamps increases relaxation, and decrease stress.
~Hang a Hamsa
In many cultures, the hamsa (also called the Hand of Fatima) is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. It is best to hang one on or near your front door.
~Use Pyrite to decorate
Pyrite creates a defensive shield against negative energies, environmental pollutants and emotional and physical attacks.
~Burn Sage or Incense
Throughout history people from many cultures have burned white sage to enhance positive energy. Use it to cleanse your living space and invite protection. It's Latin name salvia -- also means "to heal."
~Burn Frankincense
Frankincense promotes calm and peace. It’s used to relieve stress and anxiety. Use the incense sticks or the essential oils, also.
Music in the 528hz frequency promotes happiness and peace in your home. It can be easily found through iTunes, or even on YouTube. This frequency "reprograms" your brain to be happy!

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