Developing Psychic Abilities

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)-

Many experiments have been conducted to determine why and if some people are more psychic or sensitive than others. This is usually done with Zener Cards showing 5 recognizable black and white images. These studies brought about an interesting conclusion, people who believe in ESP tend to be better at "guessing" and those who are skeptical tend to "guess" below average.
So the first step toward developing ESP is belief and a positive attitude.
Most experts agree that everyone has the ability to develop their powers of ESP, and this development seems to be contingent primarily on becoming deliberately more aware of the messages around you.
With that being said, get yourself a set of Zenner cards, they are very inexpensive (or make your own on some card stock), find a partner and start practicing. My advice when practicing your ESP skills, always go with your first choice. Do not overthink your answer and let your answers flow naturally. A person showing real ESP skills will get 50% of their "guesses" correct, higher than that and your skills are phenomenal!

Meditation is the quickest way to expand the consciousness and enlarge the sense of peace in your life. First, choose your most comfortable type of meditation, such as; Transcendental meditation which uses a repeated "mantra" or sound that tends to quiet the mind and allow the busy thoughts to float by; or Guided meditations which can be done by guided voice, prayer, or staring into a candle flame, etc.
The goal of all meditation is to reach such a state of silent calm that we can float in between our thoughts and not be subject to their influence. In a meditative state, one is quite conscious of his or her surroundings, but is undisturbed by the clamor of daily life and the brain's busy activities.
You will find some excellent free meditations on YouTube, my suggestion for beginners is to stick with meditations for anxiety, relatation, calming or that use inspirational mantras before exploring bineral beats and third eye meditations which can cause headaches and anxiety for some people.
Automatic Writing-
Automatic writing involves holding a writing utensil over a sheet of paper and, while focusing on something else, allow your hand to move as it will over the paper. With practice your hand will begin to write messages and information under the control of a spirit or guide.
It is also possible to do automatic writing on a computer. Allow your fingers to roam the keys at random while you focus on something else. This takes practice, but eventually you may see something embedded that makes sense.

Psychometry is the simple association of material things or places with the great beyond but sometimes also the present. Try psychometry with an old ring, tool, or other object that may have some history. Sit quietly and gently rub the object between your hands and notice any pictures, smells, or sounds that come to your mind. This can be done with articles of clothing or anything from which you wish to get a reading, but keep in mind for beginners that metal and glass hold more psychic energy.

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience-
Like with ESP, you must first make a conscious intention to develop your "clairs", and meditation is a key factor for everyone. Likewise, practice is also a key part of development.
This also involves raising your personal vibration to a frequency that allows us to be open to these abilities. Some great way to do that is to listen to positive music, exercise, practice a favorite hobby, listen to mantras, etc... basically, anything that makes you feel good.
One simple exercise you can use to develop these skills requires finding a comfortable position while sitting in a quiet room and focusing on a specific question. With a clear mind, meditate on what you see and hear. Be sure to keep a journal of what you discover. These skills can also be practiced with a development circle.
Also take note that you may already be using this skill subconsciously. An example of this is when you think of someone and they suddenly appear or when the phone rings and you know who it is. The point of practicing these skills is to raise our consciousness of their existence so you can consciously develop them.
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