Crystals that Boost the Immune System

Here’s a short list of our immune building crystals~

Aquamarine alleviates immune reactions bringing soothing energies that ease stress and calm the mind.

Amethyst reinforces the immune system, relieves stress that effect our nervous systems. It combats insomnia, balances emotions and eliminates anger and anxiety as well as fear.

Emerald is a powerful ally of the immune system. It helps us remain in good health when our body’s natural defenses are low. It rebuilds our physical body and contributes to recovery from disease. Emerald opens the heart and enhances our everyday lives.

Green Calcite fortifies the immune system, promoting the absorption of calcium. It also relieves emotional stress. It bringing stability, increases self-confidence, and helps overcome all obstacles.

It is safe to use them all together, whether in jewelry form or pocket stone. I always recommend carrying your crystals for at least 21 days (after clearing the energy of course) in order for your body to attune to them. Then just carry them as needed for a little boost.


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